Spicy Corea


A-1.군만두$5.99  Home made freshPot Stickers:Beef, onions,

         bean sprout, garlic, carrot and Korean  Noodle Pot Stickers,

         fried, and served with a special vinegar, soy sauce


A-2.김밥(참치, 고기, 야채) $5.99  California Rolls: with your choice

         of Tuna, beef, or vegetables. Served with soy sauce.

A-3.떡볶기$6.99  Ddeok Bok Ki:A mixture of Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake), Onions, chewy noodles, and carrots topped with a sweet, spicy Red Pepper sauce for those who want to test their threshold of spiciness. 


A-4.해물파전 $6.99  HaeMoolPaJun: Traditional “Korean Pizza” prepared with a seafood mixture of clams, squid, imitation crab, octopus, and Shrimp & green onions. Cooked to perfection & served with soy sauce.


A-7.치킨탕수육 $8.99 Tongsuyook(sweet & sour chicken breast) : fried breast chickens, sweet & sour source, pineapple, green peppers, Onions, carrots and cucumbers.



Hawaiian classic$2.50

fruits, mango, lime, bubble gum, wild cherry